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To provide a pleasant learning environment for our kids and to allow them to understand the main purpose of learning English—being able to use English in the daily life—Ms. Hao has joined hands with her teaching teammates to found this unique Win Win Online Shop. 


We aim to create another place to integrate with every possible means in using language, such as shopping online; by doing so, our beloved children will have some more chances to use English instead of being forced to use it in class only. Giving every child a great deal of ways with a great variety in learning English, then every one of them can explore this wonderful world by themselves.

● Being able to conquer a certain reluctance to English web pages and to search detailed, useful information on English websites.

 Being able to name items around precisely.

(1) I need to buy a delicate pink ballpoint.  

(2)I want to buy a pair of closed shoes, standard version; the leather and colour is waw and black.

 Being able to understand price tags and promotions in English.

Buy one get one free      

 Yu-Miao Educational Organization. 1st grade ~6th grade


●You need to use 200 rewarded points to exchange a new Win Win Go Shopping Card on following situations: you lost it, or it was badly damaged that no one can identify the necessary information on Win Win Go Shopping Card.


● Before placing your online pre-order form, please check whether your rewarded points are enough to exchange the item you prefer or not by yourself.


● Our teachers will help every student check the total rewarded points in their communication books and then convert the rewarded points to the Win Win Go Shopping Card.


● A sun stamp on Win Win Go Shopping Card is equal to 200 rewarded points.


● Students’ pre-order sheet will be stapled on his/her communication one week before the shopping day.


● To exchange merchandise on Shopping Day, you must bring your Win Win Shopping Go Card and your pre-order sheet.


● You can only exchange merchandise that you’ve placed a pre-order on Shopping Day.


● You can exchange food and drinks by your rewarded points, but you can only pick one item from separated categories.

Win Win Go Shopping Card Instructions 

● With regrets for the for the card holders who has lost their card or card damaged unrecognisable. We do not reimbursed the existing reward points in the previous card. 200 rewarded points will be deducted to re issue a new card.


● You can only use the Win Win Go Shopping Card yourself.


● Rewarded points can be calculated together only between siblings.


● All the remaining rewarded points will be abolished once you quit from Yu Miao International Educational Organization.


● All the remaining rewarded points on Win Win Go Shopping Card will be abolished once you lose it.


● Once you use up your Win Win Go Shopping Card, you can exchange a new one by returning the original Win Win Go Shopping Card you had.

Win Win Instruction For Users Manual

● 8/24 (Mon) Shopping Day.

2019 Win Win Go Shopping Day