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Happy Mother's Day! We've offered special discounts for every item this time, so that all the kids get to choose one special gift for their mothers! Place your order now!


● Please note that you may only get 1 item this time. ( 請注意,這次只能選購一個商品)


Number: ss001
Name: Hua Yuan Salty Crackers Combo Pack (10 packs) (482g) (Comes with a canvas bag)

★Original Points: 7600
★Special Discount Points: 3800 (50% off)

Number: ss002
Name: Potato Chips Combo Pack (172g)

★Original Points: 7600
★Special Discount Points: 3800 (50% off)

Number: ss003
Name: LOTTE Koala's March Cookie (Family Pack)

★Original Points: 2000
★Special Discount Points: 1000 (50% off)

Number: ss004
Name: CW Garlic Baguette Chips

★Original Points: 10000
★Special Discount Points: 5000 (50% off)

Number: ss005
Name: LOTTE Binch Chocolate Crackers

★Original Points: 2800
★Special Discount Points: 1400 (50% off)

Number: ss006
Name: OK Tea Taiwan Pearl Milk Tea Bags

★Original Points: 7600
★Special Discount Points: 3800 (50% off)

Number: ss007
Name: GLINTER Sparkling Beverage (Lemon) (350ml)

★Original Points: 1200
★Special Discount Points: 600 (50% off)

Number: ss008
Name: LOTTE Milkis

★Original Points: 800
★Special Discount Points: 400 (50% off)